Lefton China Tea

Jun 27, 2012

These are in topics and for your tea cup you would look in a book on china. I'm looking for the SUMMER tea cup and saucer from the lefton four seasons china collection. Here is one Luncheon Plate Set of 4, made by Lefton China in the Rose Chintz pattern. Comparison shop for lefton china Teapots & Tea Sets in Home & Garden. Lefton Violet Chintz Tea & Toast Set #638 – Excellent condition. Hand Painted Lefton China Individual Creamer – Cream & Sugar Bowl – Pink Roses Gorgeous Rose LEFTON footed tea cup and saucer. Price $498.44 – Vintage Lefton handpainted country roses china tea set that serves six people.

Lefton China Tea

  • Porcelain and hand painted, quite stunning.
  • Lefton heavenly rose pattern coffee or tea pot in subtle shades of lilac, green, rose and gold.
  • We find the most interesting Lefton Figurines.
  • The century old beverage called chai tea is not only zesty and soothing to taste, but is loaded with plenty of health benefits.
  • Chai is spiced tea, originally from India, but now increasingly enjoyed around the world.
  • Looking for an alternative to coffee? Discover the health benefits of drinking chai tea. It's low in caffeine, but rich in flavor.

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